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Talent mapping means powerful profiling models, and identifying potentials by job role, company, department, experience and other details and to meet and truly know the people, to meet and truly know the market.  We have the resources you need and expect from a top executive search firm in China.  At CBC Human Resources, our many years of operations have allowed us to put together the data resources needed to do top level talent mapping and give our clients wide spread insight and information. A Twenty year long history and accompanying expertise, a vast pool of trained and highly skilled recruiters, and our footwork throughout major areas of China and beyond in Hong Kong, India, and Switzerland have built up to considerable depth and reach of data.

Our trained experts have built up in-depth knowledge on top talents in sales, management, engineering, financial services broken down by industry, companies, experience, field of work our wealth of in-depth knowledge can, through our talent mapping service, enable your business to pick up on and contact necessary human resources.  If you are having trouble surveying industries or uncovering talent in specific areas, the data and profiling capability that has been assembled by our recruiting staff’s talent surveillance, networking, and frequent contact over a diversity of industries, may give your business the leg up it needs on the employee search front.

So if you are looking for an approach to hiring Chinese employees that has greater depth, that brings both reach and attention to detail, but also the close familiarity of a human understanding, please consider a look at talent mapping.  Please consider CBC Human Resources.  We will put the map to work for you. Whether it is building the team needed to launch a new company, project, or operation in China, filling the slots needed for new ideas and new generations of dedicated employees, or finding that special skill that opens possibilities, or the leader who can take you to the top count on us, on the expertise, network, and global capabilities we have to make your businesses in China and beyond succeed.


"Our company started to work with CBC since 2005 and since then they have helped us with replacement of very important positions in China. CBC has very capable multilingual team who also understand our culture and way of doing business. Working with them makes recruiting in China easy. " Mark (Swiss), GM of Fortune 500